Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreaming of summer

Before I start this post I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments. What a great way to start the day!
I have been dreaming of summer lately. Which is really funny because I grew up in New England and now reside in Texas. Back home if we had temps like this mid winter we would be in shorts! Now I am all bundled up. Funny how things change like that.
This is an album I did for my oldest daughter and her love of the water. She was blessed at a very young age to have dipped her toes in the ocean on both coasts and many lakes along the way. I did not do any journaling in this small album, I have already made pages for her album with the stories. This was just for fun.
The front cover.

A detail of the handle. This is my favorite part of the whole thing!

One of the inside pages.

Detail of the last part of the handle.

It is going to be another crazy week here. I really hope I will be able to get things posted in a timely manner. Next week should be back to normal, I should have a lot to show then. As always thank you for stopping by and looking. Your comments mean a lot to me!

The deets-
Album - EK Success Bare Essentials
Paper - all from Hobby Lobby
Stickers - American Crafts
Misc. - ribbon, buttons, sea shells, sandpaper, felt, jewelry pieces, pearls

Friday, January 15, 2010

Success, after a major fail!

First, I am sorry for the lack of post this week. It was not due to the crazy week I am having. The battery died in my camera, so I could not take or post any pictures. It is charged and ready to go! I am glad because I also missed a ton of cute things the twins were up to.
Today I am going to post another Bible verse for my ATC holder. Now, before anyone thinks I am rushing through my verses, I am not. Those first two are favorites of mine and the only part I need to get in memory is the book, chapter and verse. Plus, I think I will do up verses as they stand out to me as I study or read.
This verse gives me the warm and fuzzy feelings, so I wanted to do a warm card.

The colors at SPCC really spoke to me, so I used them.

Here is my take on the colors.

A close up.

So on this ATC I used Pumpkin Spice ink, and then I took a few liberties with the rest of colors. I used the ATC as the So Saffron, and white for the Very Vanilla. The papers are from My Mind's Eye. The stamp is from Verve and the link should take you right to the stamp 1 Corinthians 15:57. Then I just added a few wooden beads from my stash, I LOVE the wooden beads!

Okay, now onto my fail. It is the first card I made for this verse. It looked so much better in my head, then went downhill fast when I put it on paper! I think it might have been the Stickle sneeze. I will not list the supplies to protect the innocent, but if you want to know any of them just ask.

Sorry again for the lack of post. Batteries are charged and I am ready to go again. the pictures might not be the best for the next couple of days, our chance of beautiful sunlight is slim. As always thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A favorite of mine

It is going to be a crazy week here. While I do have a ton of project ideas floating in my head, time might be tight this week. The good thing? This blog is brand spanking new and I have been crafting for years. So I have plenty to share! This little book is a favorite of mine. I made it from a kit of supplies sent to me from my dear friend. When I flipped it over and saw the date I could believe how long ago I made it!
This is a little book I made for my daughter to hold all the songs I sing to her at night when she can not sleep. I broke it into categories her favorite, my favorite, classics and our favorite. This is going to be picture heavy, so enjoy.
Cover -

Pages one and two -

Pages three and four -

Pages five and six -

Back cover -

Inside tags with a letter to my daughter and the songs. Which include Silent Night, Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and a special version of Hush Little Baby -

The back of the tags. They show from the top so I did not want them plain.

All of the products used were K&Co, with a few Making Memories brads, Mrs. Grossman stickers and ribbons.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed you visit today.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Need a little help on this one

Okay, so I am still working on making things for the twins bedroom. Their walls are so bare! I wanted something to hang over each crib and came up with a pendant that I really like. However, I am not sure if I want to turn them into banners or just hang the pendants from a fancy hanger or something like that. I would love to hear your thoughts!
The EtsyInspired Challenge posted the challenge for this week on Saturday. So of course I used them for some inspiration! The store of focus this week is Skylars Candy Clips. So cute, I so see a few of these in my future!
I picked the colors of this one,

and the flowers of this one for my inspiration:

How stinking cute are those!?

Anyways, I made two pendants with those colors and flowers in mind. I also used the supplies from the kit I sent my friend. She should get hers today, so she was kind enough to let me start early. Normally I wait until we both can play, but I was way to excited! To refresh everyone of the rules set, we were to make a pendant or banner using as much or as little as we wanted from the kit and we were allowed to add extras. I added extras:) Okay so here they are.
The first one will go over Samantha's crib.

Here is a detail of the S

Here is the second one that will go over Tabitha's crib.

A detail of the T.

So what do you think? Should I leave them as pendants or turn them into banners? I will post them again when they are done and hanging in the girls room.
Oh and did you see my play on words with the monogram and sleep tight? I know I am such a dork! I am okay with it:)
As always thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out EtsyInspired to see the killer talent floating around blog land.
The Deets-
Paper - brown and pink card stock, Hobby Lobby; pattern paper MME stack from HL
Punch - SU scalloped
Rub-ons - American Crafts
Brads - crowns, Making Memories; other from my stash
Chipboard letters - Wal-Mart
Misc. - pink boa, floral stones, silk flowers

Friday, January 8, 2010

The one that got away.

One of my favorite blogs for inspiration is Moxie Fab World. I just love all of the great eye candy and talent happening over there! Every Tuesday they post a Tuesday Trigger, which are always so beautiful. This weeks is amazing! So pretty! It is so pretty how could you not be inspired.
Well, hello beautiful!
I was so inspired! I can not even tell you how many ideas I had running through my head. Yet, sadly not one could make it from my head to creation. It happens and I will just move on. I am not giving up completely. The image is burned into my brain and someday a project will work. However, for today it is the one that got away. sigh
No worries. I do have a little something to show today. I explained the other day how I try to use things up when i am done a project. Here is another thing I like to make and use up some scraps on. Bookmarks. They are quick and fun to make. Plus they are nice to have on hand for a quick gift. Stick one on a book for a sick friend. To hand out just because at a Bible study or book club. send in for your child's teacher as a small thank you or for no reason. Anyways you see where I am going with this.

A close up. Sorry it is sideways.

I really do not have any details for the products used, because it is all scrap paper. I did use my new Verve stamps. I also used some Stickles just to give them a little something while still keeping it flat. These are maganet snap style bookmarks, that are so fun and easy to put together.
So how do you use up your scrap? I would love to know!
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A challenge

Okay, my main reason for starting this blog is all the wonderful challenges out there for paper crafting. I have always love the challenges and have participated in a few, without posting pictures. I have also been very inspired by the talent of those who post their creations. Not sure if I will inspire anyone, but I really just wanted to play along.
Anyone who really knows me, knows my love of Etsy. There is some serious talent happening over there. If you have never been, GO check them out NOW! It's okay I will not be offended if you leave me for a bit, just come back soon. Well, one day I stumbled upon EtsyInspired. Really I can combine my love of Etsy and a challenge! I am in!
So this week's challenge was for the super cute ManicMuffinTotes. I love the colors of the owls, but I decided to go with the mushroom. It was just so cute and versatile. I have been slowly getting my twins bedroom together, so I made wall art for their room. I have only made one, but I think it will turn into a set of four. Time will tell.

Inspiration mushroom

My 8"x10" canvas. Sorry for some of the pictures, I am having lighting issues today.

A detailed shot.

As always thanks for stopping by. Make sure you head over to etsyInspired to see all of the other great items made during the challenge.

The deets-
Canvas: 8"x10" from Micheal's
Paper: patterned; MME paper stack from Hobby Lobby, card stock; scraps
Brad: Target Dollar Spot
Punch: Martha Stewart

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay, so I know in a craft like this you can and will end up with a lot of leftovers of all kinds. I bit a paint here, a stray button there and I will not even get started on the paper. I try to use up as much of a product that I can before I put everything away. Sometimes my oldest daughter is lucky enough to add to her growing collection of scrap supplies.
Today I made up another ATC Bible verse. I said I wanted to fill my holder up! I also want to make sure I learn my verses, so right now it sits on my desk where I can stare at it all I want and study. I also used a lot of leftover rub-ons from my hoop project. I just love how bright it turned out! A beautiful verse deserves beautiful colors! Here is my new Verve stamp Philippians 4:4

As always thank you so much for stopping by!

The deets -
Rub-ons - K&Co. Sweet Berry
Ink - Colorbox

Yup. it is that simple when you are using things up.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A goal of mine

For years I have struggled to memorize my Bible verses. I try and try, but they never stick, bits and pieces stick, but never the whole thing. I have a wonderful friend at church who incourages everyone to really try, to try every and any method that might work for them. So I am trying something pretty that I will always see. Remember my sweet friend that a mentioned yesterday? Well, the last thing she sent me was a beautiful ATC holder. I have always wanted one! I never knew what I would do with one, but I always wanted one. So I have decided that I am going to fill it up with my Bible verses to learn. My dream is to someday have two of these, one for Old Testament and one for New Testament. For now they will mingle together. I am going start with my all time favorite Bible verse Joshua 24:15

So I hope you can watch this ATC fill up with me. I encourage you to try for that goal you have always had. You will never know if you can do it until you try.

Okay the deets -
Paper - green card stock, from my scraps; patterned paper Basic Grey
Stamp - Verve Stamps
Rub-Ons - American Crafts
ATC base - 7Gypsy
Rhinestones - Micheal's

Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay, now I am really ready to do this thing!

I knew it was a bad idea to start this before the holidays, but now I am ready to go. I was able to get a few things created the last couple of weeks, so I will be showing those the next couple of days. Plus it is going to be super cold here this week, the house should be back in order by tomorrow and there are a bunch of challenges I want to do, so hopefully I can hit the ground running now. To make up for lost time this post will be picture heavy. I will also post a tease at the end.
Small disclaimer, these pictures are not that great, sorry. My husband took the first pictures for me, but he was not home for these.

A great friend who I scraped with all the time moved away. To keep things fun we send kits to each other every other month and challenge each other to try something new. Sometimes we just challenge each other to actually scrap. Either which way it is a ton of fun. This project is from a kit I sent. We were to make something using embrodery hoops. I made a small journal album about the silly questions asked of me when I take the twins out in public. Here is the rest of it.

There is not much to the deets on this one, but here is the list -
Paper - K & Co Berry Sweet
Paint - Apple barrel - Green Apple, Plum Kiss; Folk Art - Parisian Pink
Rub-Ons _ K & Co Berry Sweet
Plastic Letters - Hobby Lobby Spare Parts
Stickers - K & Co butterflies (not sure of the line)
Misc. - buttons (Wal-Mart), dragonfly rhinestones (Wal-Mart), Ribbon, fabric, floss

Now for the sneak peak. This one is for my special friend. This month we will need to make one banner or pednant and then have fun with the rest. Add as much as we want from our own stuff and use as little or as much as we want from the kit. There is a lot of Valentine style stuff in the kit, but we do not have to go with a Valentine theme. As always the goal is to just have fun.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you come back. I have a lot planned for the up coming weeks!